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Privacy policy

Transparency and fairness are essential to earn your trust and ensure that you become a client of ours. For this we have summarized below as we treat personal information that is collected when shopping for our customers.

If you need more information, please contact us by e-mail at:

Collection of Personal Information collects information about its customers with three main tools:

  • The registration form and other forms (eg questionnaires, opinions and comments about products, etc..) Customers to fill in a spontaneous and explicit.

  • The "log" of online services, which recorded the entire site navigation These data are collected for security reasons and to offer suggestions and proposals designed according to the interests of customers.

  • The return data from emails and direct communications that periodically sent out to registered customers.

Use of Personal Information

The personal information we collect is used only to execute your orders to buy and offer you products and services in line with your needs in order to improve the service we offer.

Privacy does not share personal information with third parties the customer, under any circumstances.

Third-part advertisements accept third part advertisements on the site, in various forms: banners, email campaigns, promotions, sponsorships, etc..

To advertisers, offers the opportunity to maximize their investments through customer profiling. For example, a cellphone maker may decide to be visible only to those who have seen a particular product or navigate to a certain category.

Even in the case of advertising, never gives individual data, or allows a third party to communicate directly with customers. So, no advertiser has the opportunity to go back to the individual, unless it is expressly provided for by the campaign itself (for example, if the customer fills out a questionnaire for the advertiser to participate in a contest).

In this case, however, everything is very clear in the advertising page. If there is no visible indication, the data are not provided in any case the advertiser.

Protection of personal information

For added protection, any communication encrypted with SSL certificate that contains personal information, not just those relating to the payment of purchases. Even the simple step of registering to our site, your data is protected.

Access to personal information from customers

At any time the customer can view and edit their personal information via the website of follow the onscreen instructions.

With the exception of data that we are required to keep by law (names invoices etc) the client can 'at any time request the cancellation of their personal data from our system by writing to

The customer can terminate the reception of our proposals targeted simply by disicrivendosi newsletter.

Processing of personal data

The personal and sensitive data are processed in accordance with Italian law on Privacy. Tommaso Giorgio Piantanida is responsible for owner of